Dell Alienware 18 inch Gaming Laptops will come in 2023

Dell Alienware 18 inch Gaming Laptops will come in 2023 | Specs and Release date

The Alienware 18 is a monster gaming powerhouse. Every detail is engineered to give you the most intense experience possible.

Dell’s gaming hardware division experimented with the 18-inch form factor in the first 5 years of the previous decade, when it used to cram dual GPU configurations in rather thick and heavy chassis.

The Alienware 18-series suddenly vanished after 2015, with SLI GPU configurations falling from favor and external GPU boxes becoming more appealing. However, it looks like the 18-inch flagships will be back in 2023.

The Intel i9-13900HX mobile processors require larger cooling systems, and thus an 18-inch chassis would make more sense, but this does not mean that the new models would be as thick as the 2015 ones. advanced 18.4-inch screen with mini LEDs or OLEDs, hopefully with a high refresh rate of 165 – 240 Hz. Of course, such an 18-inch configuration would not launch for less than US$3000.

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Alienware’s Area-51m is currently the company’s most powerful gaming laptop and boasts a chunky 17-inch form factor. The Area-51m was designed to offer desktop-grade performance in the laptop form factor but for the new Alienware 18, the company plans to go big, 18 inches big to be precise.

Dell Alienware 18 Specs:

These models will most likely be powered by Intel’s i9-13900HX processors coupled with RTX 4080 Ti GPUs plus copious amounts of RAM and storage. Hopefully, a 240 Hz 18.4-inch OLED display could also be included.

Operating System
Available with Windows 11 or Windows 10.

The standard dual graphics provide more graphics performance than any of our notebooks, enabled by an ultra-efficient cooling system designed for high performance.

The copper heat sinks provide superior cooling for each module individually enabling longer gameplay at full power and the three exhaust vents push air from the bottom of the system through the heat sinks out the rear ensuring optimal heat management.

Alienware 18 Release date:

Alienware is expected to release proper details during CES 2023 in Las Vegas, which is set to commence on January 5 and will go on until January 8.

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