Elden Ring How To Beat Wormface

Elden Ring – How To Beat Wormface

Elden Ring has an incredible number of bosses to fight in the Lands Between. Most are found behind fog gates, while others lie dormant in the overworld for any brave adventurer confident enough to challenge them. Wormface is an overworld boss and also one of the creepiest things found in Elden Ring. Wrapped in cloth with a grotesque collection of worms spewing out of its face, it appears ripped straight from the world of “Bloodborne.”

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Locating Wormface in Elden Ring

Elden Ring How To Beat Wormface

Locating Wormface is pretty simple. First, players must make their way to the Bower of Bounty Site of Grace east of Mirage Rise in the Altus Plateau. From there, head further east past the crumbling Greatbridge to reach the Minor Erdtree (the giant brown tree on the map). Players will find Wormface located at the tree’s base on the west side. However, it’s recommended that you take out any surrounding smaller enemies before engaging the boss.


Like every boss in “Elden Ring,” there are multiple strategies you can use to defeat Wormface. Its most devastating attacks cover the ground in Death Clouds and cause the Death Blight status effect to build. Staying in the clouds for too long causes instant death. Thankfully, two talismans slow down the buildup of the Death status effect:¬†Prince of Death’s Pustule and Prince of Death’s Cyst, with the Cyst variant being the most powerful. Additionally, players can utilize Rejuvenating Boluses to cure their Death effect before it finishes building up.

Fighting Wormface Melee

Elden Ring How To Beat Wormface

Melee is the harder of the two strategies, as being up close and personal with Wormface makes players more vulnerable to the AOE Death Clouds. Although, fighting Wormface on horseback can quickly get you away from the area of effect by utilizing Torrent’s dash ability. A great strategy is to ride Torrent far away from the boss when it starts spewing its Death Cloud, wait for the effect to dissipate, and then dash in and get off some attacks while Wormface is recovering from a slower attack. Because the boss moves slowly and easily staggered, it’s recommended that players utilize dexterous spirit summons that stagger such as the Lone Wolf Ashes.

Those that choose to fight the boss on foot will need to watch out for Wormface’s head smacking and deadly stomp attacks. However, these maneuvers are sluggish and easily dodged. The grab attack, on the other hand, can be a doozy. When Wormface stretches its arms to the side, roll behind it to prevent being grabbed and taking massive damage. Once melee users can predict the grab attack the fight is pretty straightforward, as they just need to circle around directly under the boss to keep pumping out damage.

Fighting Wormface Ranged

Elden Ring How To Beat Wormface

Ranged and magic players will have a much simpler time fighting Wormface as they can keep their distance and blast away until the enemy falls. The key is to keep moving and not let it get close enough to deal damage. For spirit summons, a higher health Ashes of War is recommended as it can draw aggro and allow ranged users to focus less on dodging. Like in the melee strategy, riding Torrent is very effective against Wormface.

Magic users that want an even easier time fighting Wormface can sneak up behind the boss before it’s activated and spam Poison Mist until it dies. The boss won’t turn around and all gamers have to do is sit back and wait for it to go down, as demonstrated in a video by Ogles. This strategy may get patched out at some point, as FromSoftware has already made an effort to remove multiple exploits.

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