Far Cry 6 will be free to play this weekend

Far Cry 6 will be free to play this weekend

The entire Far Cry 6 game and all the free DLC released so far will be free to play until August 8 on Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Stadia and PC.

The game has also received steep discounts, with PC players able to get 60% off all editions of the game, and 50% off the Season Pass and all three DLCs.

Until August 15, Xbox players can get 60% off Standard and Gold editions of the game, and 50% off the Season Pass.

Until August 17, PlayStation players can get 55% off the Deluxe edition and 60% off the Ultimate edition, as part of the PlayStation Store’s Summer Sale.

Since its release last October, Far Cry 6 has added new Special Operations and free crossover missions featuring Danny Trejo, Rambo, and Stranger Things.

It’s also added three major downloadable content episodes as part of the Season Pass – Vaas: Insanity, Pagan: Control, and Joseph: Collapse.

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Far cry 6 & all of its DLC will be free to play this Aug

Far Cry 6 is the latest release in Ubisoft’s tentpole franchise and is considered one of the best ones in the series. The game features one of the most popular actors of our time as Giancarlo Esposito takes on the role of a tyrannical dictator, Anton Castillo, and delivers one of the most iconic villain performances in a series that is founded on iconic villains.

Players take on the role of Dani Rojas, a rebel who must now lead a resistance against Anton Castillo and wage a guerilla war against his rule. The game builds on the foundations of the series by adding several chaotic elements into the mix through modified weapons, cars, and explosives.

Far Cry 6 is a rather fun affair and a good outing for the franchise although it runs into the same problems as previous games in the serious as the fun gradually devolves into tedium. The game is a decent 6/10 title and players can try it out for themselves this weekend and make up their minds whether it warrants a purchase.

The game is currently discounted on the Epic Games Store, Ubisoft Store, PlayStation Store, and Microsoft/Xbox Store.

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