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Is it safe to use Google AdSense and Ads on The Same Website?

Is it safe to use Google AdSense and Ads on The Same Website & AdSense Ads on a Website: Google AdSense is an online money-earning platform of Google. Through is the way you can earn money online from home, without any investments. It is important that you must have a Website or a YouTube channel. is the best alternative platform of GoogleAdSense.AdSense advertising platform of Google, like that, is the advertising platform of Yahoo and Bing. You can earn money from online by showing .net advertisements on your websites, like Google AdSense. It is a trusted site similar to the Google AdSense. Its CPC is very good but not like AdSense.Because the AdSense CPC rate is much higher than all other advertisers.

If you get approval on your website, then later you can apply for AdSense through this same website. Like that, if you get the AdSense approval in first, then you can apply for later.

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Why Media.Net is best?

This is good that earning is more than Google AdSense because the advertisement price of .net is much higher. But sadly, getting approval on Google AdSense is very easy but getting approval on is very difficult.

To getting .net approval, you must fulfill its policy. Your website should have good PR-rank and the website must have good traffic per day. The article on your website must be of English and if there is any article in any other language then will not give you approval. Don’t use any copyright content in your article.

AdSense ads unit four types (Text/Picture/Picture+Text/Link). But have only Links ads units. It has a good algorithm; if someone has more than two times clicks on ads. Then third time no advertising unit would appear for him. There will be no chance of deactivation of your account. But there is no such facility in AdSense. For this, you have to use “AdSense Invalid Click Protector (AICP)” plugins in WordPress.

Google AdSense Community guidelines for use others company Ads

If you have an AdSense account and you run its Ads units on your website. After that, if you get approval on There is no problem; you can run Google AdSense & ads on this same website. If you follow some guidelines, your AdSense account will not be suspended.

Google’s program policy is that; you can show any publisher’s advertisements on your website. But those other publishers should be trusted and Google AdSense and other publishers’ advertisements should not be the same.

It is your responsibility to see that other advertisers’ advertisements are not harmful to your website (Don’t run Viral/sexual related ads on your website). But don’t be afraid; “.net” have very high-quality ads units. They do not harm your website and AdSense policies.

Normally is good to display 5 Ads units on home page /posts/pages on your website. Try to use some Ads units of & some Ads unit of AdSense.

Don’t use Flash animated Ads units, which unnaturally encourage viewers to click on Ads. Don’t use other publishers sponsored Ads units, which have misleading Title.

Don’t use Pop-Ups ads units on this AdSense approved website. If you use, other advertisers more than 3 Ads units on your website, then it will be violet Google AdSense Policy.

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