Fortnite Trog's Ice Cave challenge

How to Find Fortbyte 49 at the Trog’s Ice Cave in Fortnite season 9 challenge

Trog’s Ice Cave challenge

In the latest Fortnite news, today Epic Games introduce Trog’s Ice Cave challenge in Fortnite season 9. Here you need to find and unlock Fortbyte 49 in this Trog’s Ice Cave. Trog is the snow monster that was first made available at Tier 71 of the Season 7 Battle Pass.

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Trog’s Ice Cave is located at the frozen south-west corner of the massive island map. It was one of the areas added a few seasons ago alongside a Battle Pass Trog costume. Between Frosty Flights and Happy Hamlet, you’ll see a collection of dots, which is the Cave of the Yeti. So, set your maker there, and we’ll be good to go.

How to Find Fortbyte 49 at the Trog’s Ice Cave in Fortnite season 9 challengeChallenge is that you need to enter the underground ice cave and come to a wooden shack. Break open the door, look to your right, and you should see Fortnite Fortbyte 49 sat in front of two little teddy bears. Epic Games has added one of the 100 collectibles into the game.

There are 2 ways to enter. One is from above, where there’s a hole in the ground surrounded by a set of trees. The easiest is to the south, where the mouth of the cave is.

Grab a weapon quickly & wear your snow boots, winter coat &  prepare to go hunting the Ice Cave in Fortnite. Try to land down the hole first before this area gets too busy.

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