MediEvil PS4 Review

MediEvil PS4 Review | Game Story & All Lost Souls & All Chalices Locations and Rewards Updates | Combat Tips and Tricks for Beginners

MediEval Remake 2019

The remake of MediEvil is finally available for PlayStation 4 Players and Today’s the day Sir Daniel Fortesque comes to life once again. Other Ocean Interactive and Sony Interactive Entertainment have released this MediEvil game for us, just before Halloween. This is a remake of a game from 1998 after all. Developers of MediEvil remake truly improved its graphics and design, gameplay quality.

Release Date: 25 October 2019

MediEval PS4 Review, Story and Info:

The game is available starting today, 25th of October 2019, and you can get it for $29.99.

This is a remake of the original game, so we already know the story. The game’s beloved protagonist, clumsy Sir Daniel Fortesque, a knight of the land of Gallowmere. Who led the charge against the evil sorcerer Zarok, and was subsequently killed by the very first arrow that was fired. He has been brought back to life by accident by his mortal enemy, evil sorcerer Zarok and this brings a second conflict and another chance to stop the evil Warlock. Sir Dan will be facing in Gallowmere.

With a second chance to foil his greatest foe, Dan will once again set out to save the kingdom of Gallowmere and earn his place as a true hero.

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MediEval PS4 Trailer:

Sony also formally released the launch trailer for MediEvil. The video, which is a minute long, features the game’s protagonist Sir Daniel, now with his new, high-definition look. The trailer shows off many of the cutscenes that you’ll see throughout MediEvil, in addition to some new gameplay footage as well. All in all, the game looks pretty great visually, but it’s hard to tell based on the trailer alone how it will play.

MediEvil Combat and Weapons

Combat is pretty slapdash in MediEvil. Sir Dan’s fighting skills aren’t great, so don’t expect to be pulling off combos. Your first real weapon is a sword & some throwing knives, and attacking with it will see Dan simply flail it around in front of him. There’s no real lock-on for enemies, so just hit them with the pointy end until they fall over. Of course, other weapons behave slightly different, but you need to unlock them first. In this game, you need to collect gold and health bottle replenishment.

The most interesting aspect is the wide variety of weapons, with Dan using his own dismembered arm by default but also a wide range of swords, clubs, and ranged weapons. You can also use a shield at the same time, but it tends to be very flimsy and is best held back for more dangerous encounters.

But if you collect all of the chalices and return them to the Hall of Heroes then you’ll be packing way more of a punch. For UNLOCK Chalice and Lost Souls read below.

MediEvil Remake | Where to find the Lost Souls:

These are a whole new set of collectibles and side quests that Other Ocean Emeryville added when they remade the MediEvil game. Laying all of these Lost Souls to rest will unlock the original PS1 game. Before gamers can start laying these Lost Souls to rest however, they need to unlock them first. Players can do this in the Entrance Hall level, taking the right path downstairs to find a blue chest. Opening the chest will unlock the Lost Souls.

After unlocking the Lost Souls, every level in the game will now have an “S” icon on the map. This signals whether or not a Lost Soul has been found there. Players must then replay these levels to find these Lost Souls and complete their challenges.

  1. Fisherman Formes (The Entrance Hall)
  2. Brute Bruty (The Graveyard)
  3. Ye Old Olivara (Cemetery Hill)
  4. Baffy the Baffler (The Hilltop Mausoleum)
  5. Surgeon Sherman (Return to the Graveyard)
  6. Chen the Enchantress (Scarecrow Fields)
  7. Peter, Peter, Pumkin (Pumpkin Gorge)
  8. Treviarnus, the Troubadour (The Pumpkin Serpent)
  9. Grave Keeper Kambic (The Sleeping Village)
  10. Gavin the Golden (The Asylum Grounds)
  11. Sir Schmidt the Hermit (Inside the Asylum)
  12. Daring D. Castro (The Enchanted Earth)
  13. Hopper the Legless (Pools of the Ancient Dead)
  14. Son Jr., Son of Sr. (The Lake)
  15. Knight McKnight (The Crystal Caves)
  16. Nautical Nachbaur (The Gallows Gauntlet)
  17. Barrelman Badillo (The Haunted Ruins)
  18. Captain Coffman (The Ghost Ship)
  19. Sir Sloane (The Time Device)

MediEvil PS4 Chalices – All Chalice Locations and Rewards

There are 20 Chalices to gather in the MediEvil game.  I’ll inform you all about Chalices, the place you will discover them, and what you unlock.

  1. The Graveyard
  2. Cemetery Hill
  3. The Hilltop Mausoleum
  4. Return to the Graveyard
  5. Scarecrow Fields
  6. Pumpkin Gorge
  7. The Pumpkin Serpent
  8. The Sleeping Village
  9. The Asylum Grounds
  10. Contained in the Asylum
  11. The Ant Caves
  12. The Enchanted Earth
  13. Swimming pools of the Historic Lifeless
  14. The Lake
  15. The Crystal Caves
  16. The Gallows Gauntlet
  17. The Haunted Ruins
  18. The Ghost Ship
  19. The Entrance Corridor
  20. The Time Machine
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