Nightmare Ghost Ship in Lost Ark

Nightmare Ghost Ship in Lost Ark – Locations Map and How to Find it | How to Farm Pirate Coins?

Nightmare Ghost Ship in Lost Ark

There are many events that can catch your eye in Lost Ark, especially if you are a new player. But there is one sneaky ship that keeps evading from the grasp of the players so far, the Nightmare Ghostship.

While many players will spend a lot of their time in Lost Ark exploring the land with several cities, dungeons, and locals to visit, the game has an entire part dedicated to naval travel. Like many of its contemporaries, the MMORPG has several different currencies, with one of them being Pirate Coins. For players who see themselves more as sailors on the high seas, it is essential to know how to get this type of coin since it is integral to the progression of your ship. This guide will show players how to farm Pirate Coins in Lost Ark.

The nightmarish vessel spawns a few times per day and to defeat it you have to board them and kill the crew.

Prepare to be in for a wild ride though, as they are pretty hard to defeat. But, once you do, you enjoy sweet rewards, especially if you are into sailing or are trying to build and upgrade your ship.

To get in on the action of ghost pirates slaying, you first have to unlock sailing. Or, if you’re ready to board, make sure you upgrade your ships properly.

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What is the Nightmare Ghost Ship in Lost Ark?

Nightmare Ghost Ship in Lost Ark

The Ghostship is a sailing-only event that entails boarding a ghost ship and killing all its crew within a set time limit. The enemies are mostly pirate ghosts and other monstrosities, and, at the end, you will have to defeat a boss which is the captain of the ship.

The nightmare ghost ship is one of the most unique raids in the game. It’s has a quick but spooky cinematic and you can run into one without even realizing it. Its aesthetic and theme really scream “Pirates” and it’s a blast to fight.

You can fight as many nightmare ghost ships as you want, but you only receive rewards from completing the raid once per week. The rewards include pirate coins, engraving books, and possible cosmetic items.

Where Can you find the Nightmare Ghost Ships in Lost Ark?

The nightmare ghost ships are highlighted on your map, and they usually spawn once every few hours. They don’t require any special ship or some special upgrade, but it is recommended you use Eibern’s Wound ship, and have crew members with the special ability Fighter: Ghost Ship.

The ships usually spawn next to hazardous waters, so it’s essential that you go prepared with any advantage you can get. Taking the time to choose the right crew or ship can make the difference.

To activate the raid, simply sail into the proximity of the ship and it will automatically teleport you aboard after a spooky cinematic.

There is also a questline in the game that will require you to fight one of those ships, and, as a reward, will give you a ghost ship skin.

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How To Farm Pirate Coins In Lost Ark

First, it is crucial to establish what Pirate Coins are. This type of currency is used for purchasing and upgrading things that involve the game’s naval travel and your ship. There are several ways to get the coins, such as completing the island quests on the game’s islands; while this nets you a healthy amount of Pirate Coin (all being in the thousands and some even reach above 15,000), these are one time rewards from completing quests, so while it is good to know you can get Pirate Coin from them, you won’ be able to farm it here. For farming, you will want to complete Marine Events, requiring events that you can find under the Voyage tab when you access the Stopwatch panel. These events will reward you with Pirate Coins and Voyage Coins, a currency that can be traded in for Pirate Coins. The Voyage Coins are the Guiena’s Coin (10 Pirate Coins), Krater’s Coin (12 Pirate Coins), Coin of Arcturth (15 Pirate Coins), Ancient Coin (17 Pirate Coins), and Solar Coin (20 Pirate Coins). Regularly check in on Marine Events and make sure you complete them just as regularly, and you will be able to quickly collect a fair stash of treasure. Another place where you can get a decent amount of Pirate Coins is by taking on Ghost Ships. These Ships are found around the sea and are organized in a subsection of the Marine Events. Taking these ships on will mean you will need to face off with the undead crew, so make sure you are ready for a fight.

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Similar to the Marine Events, you can also complete your daily and weekly Ura’s tasks as some of these challenges will provide you with Pirate Coins as a reward. You can see the rewards for each daily and weekly next to the task itself, so keep an eye out for ones that give out Pirate Coins. Finally, you can also just fish. Seriously, there is a chance that instead of pulling a sea creature out of the ocean, you’ll pull some coin to help improve your seafaring vessel.


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