Returnal How to get an extra life

Returnal How to Get an Extra Life in Game

Returnal How to get an extra life or Second Life?

If you’re playing through Returnal like normal, you may be finding yourself dying fairly frequently; not to worry, this is a common occurrence in any rogue-lite and especially so in Returnal. However, there’s a way of getting an extra opportunity to slay more alien lifeforms.

Returnal Extra Life

If you continue to play the game as normal, at some point, you’ll come across a house. Despite being a strange occurrence on a hostile alien planet, this is actually a good sign. You’re one step closer already to getting that second chance. Continue down the path as usual, and make sure you check every possible “room” that you can loot.

At some point in your alien-slaying survival, and hopefully, during the same run as you found the house in the first time around, you’ll find a simple “House Key” item. This is Selene’s house key, and it, surprisingly, unlocks the house you saw earlier. With some backtracking, head towards the house and unlock the front door, which will shift your perspective into the first person.

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Can you get extra lives in Returnal?

Dying doesn’t necessarily mean a run is over in Returnal. There are two ways to get an extra life in the game, and both of them prevent the normal loss of progress that occurs upon death.

The two ways to get extra lives in Returnal are:

1. Reconstructors

2. Certain Artifacts

  • Astronaut Figurine
  • Blown Nightlight
  • Charred Piano Key
  • Child’s Watch
  • Music Box
  • Spaceship Model
  • Two-Way Radio


Returnal Extra Life

Players will be able to activate these devices after defeating Phrike. For the price of six Ether, Reconstructors will act as a respawn point for players. Instead, of dying when their health is depleted, they’ll spawn at the Reconstructor with their weapon and all their items intact.

Despite their immense utility, Reconstructors does have some drawbacks. They only cover the biome in which they’re located. So, if a player activates the Reconstructor in Overgrown Ruins and dies in the Crimson Wastes, they’ll respawn at the Helios and start their run over. They can also only be activated once per run. So, if a player pays for one, dies, and respawns, they can’t activate it again.


Returnal Extra Life

Artifacts have a significant advantage over Reconstructors because they instantly bring a player back to life. So, instead of respawning, it’ll just refill a player’s health bar where they stand.

The downside to these artifacts is that they’re not easy to find. Players will get one after each trip into the house, but that’s the only guarantee. Other times, players might find them in Fabricators, either for free or paid.

Returnal Astronaut Figuring and Selene’s House

Once you enter the home, you’ll find it’s pretty ordinary compared to the horrors outside, which is quite unsettling. Continue in the house, interacting with items with a blue circle to get some interesting story points and more lore into Selene’s story. Once you’ve checked things out, start to head up the stairs, and interact with a small cube on the floor. A small cutscene will play, showing some strange markings on the cube. Once this is complete, head towards the window that’s slightly covered by curtains straight ahead of you.

Returnal Extra Life

Interacting with the curtains, once again, starts another small cutscene. This time, there’s a man standing in an Apollo Astronaut outfit in the low-set fog. It’s a pretty eerie situation, and then Selene collapses, and you awake back outside the house with the astronaut seemingly missing. If you head over towards where the creepy stalker astronaut was and scan the item, you’ll pick up a new object; the “Astronaut Figurine.”

The Astronaut Figurine is your extra life, there’s nothing else you need to do now! Once you die, you’ll return with some health and lose your little Astronaut buddy. But don’t worry, you’ll be able to fabricate him if he appears at a fabricator in your run, for 250 Obolite.

And there you have it! A bonus chance to survive the horrors and aliens in Returnal! Hopefully, your next run will be slightly more successful than the last thanks to your new buddy. Check out our exploration guide for some tips after you get your second chance.

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