Destiny 2 Xur location

Destiny 2 Xur location and items | May 6-10

It’s a new weekend, which means every Guardian’s favorite shady Destiny 2 vendor is back at a new location. Xur is waiting to sell you a new exotic or two, and even offer up his cipher quest if you’re in need of another weapon from the exotic archive. Here’s where to find Xur’s location on 6th-10th May.

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Destiny 2 is starting to edge closer to Season 17, but Season of the Risen is still in full swing — and it’s time to check in with Xur again.

Every Friday, Xur returns to Destiny 2 in a new location and offers Guardians a chance to grab an exotic weapon and some new exotic armor rolls in-game, along with his exclusive cipher quest that you need to complete in order to claim an old exotic weapon from the Monument to Lost Lights.

Xur will be back in Destiny 2 this week, and he’s due to set up shop in a different location with a whole new stock on offer to Guardians. In fact, as of Season of the Lost, he can now sell a series of Legendary items, too — adding a new dimension to the mysterious vendor.


  • Skyburner’s Oath, Solar scout rifle: 29 Legendary Shards
  • Celestial Nighthawk, Hunter helmet: 23 Legendary Shards
  • Heart of Inmost Light, Titan chest: 23 Legendary Shards
  • Felwinter’s Helm, Warlock helmet: 23 Legendary Shards
  • Exotic Engram: 97 Legendary Shards (you can now purchase a second with an Exotic Cipher)
  • Exotic Cipher quest: free

As of Season of the Risen and The Witch Queen, Xur sells a random roll of both Hawkmoon and Dead Man’s Tale each week.


  • Hawkmoon, Kinetic hand cannon (Killing Wind): 125,000 Glimmer, 200 Legendary Shards, Exotic Cipher, Ascendant Shard
  • Dead Man’s Tale, Kinetic scout rifle (Moving Target): 125,000 Glimmer, 200 Legendary Shards, Exotic Cipher, Ascendant Shard

As of Season of the Lost, Xur also sells a collection of old armor and weapons — similar to Banshee-44 and Ada-1. Usually, these items are difficult to find and from seasons long past. Each item (whether armor or weapon) costs only 1,000 Glimmer and 50 Legendary Shards.


  • Last Perdition, Void pulse rifle
  • False Promises, Kinetic auto rifle
  • Eternal Blazon, Arc scout rifle
  • Truthteller, Void grenade launcher
  • First In, Last Out, Arc shotgun
  • Honor’s Edge, Arc sword
  • Talons of the Eagle, Kinetic scout rifle
  • Season of the Worthy armor set

Xur’s items drop at a power level similar to that of your character.

Destiny 2 Xur location


Skyburner’s Oath is an Exotic scout rifle modeled after the Cabal’s slug rifle. Its first Exotic perk is Slug Rifle, which causes the gun to become more powerful when you’re aiming down its sights and launch heat-seeking grenades when you fire from the hip. The second Exotic perk is For the Empire. This perk makes the gun fully automatic, deal extra damage to Cabal enemies and, most importantly, penetrate the shields of Phalanx enemies.

All of the perks around Skyburner’s Oath make it sound fantastic, but it’s a fairly mediocre weapon. However, it’s getting what sounds to be a major upgrade later this month, so it’s worth gambling on.


Celestial Nighthawk is one of the best Exotics in Destiny 2. Its main perk, Hawkeye Hack, causes Golden Gun to fire only one shot instead of three. However, this single shot does about six times the damage of the average Golden Gun. Players who love raiding or PvE in general should buy it. It’s also exceptional for boss damage.

Xur’s roll this week comes with 65 total stats.


Heart of Inmost Light is a Titan Exotic from Forsaken. Its Exotic perk is Overflowing Light. This perk causes any ability use (melee, class, or grenade) to empower your other two abilities for a short period of time. Empower, in this case, means faster regen, more damage, or more health. This is an interesting Exotic that plays well into certain builds, but it’s difficult to use if you aren’t paying attention. If you have a Titan, be sure to pick it up.

Xur’s roll this week comes with 65 total stats.


Felwinter’s Helm is a new Warlock Exotic from Season of the Worthy. Its Exotic perk is Warlord’s End. This perk causes elemental kills to explode, weakening nearby enemies caught in the blast. Killing a powerful enemy or using a finisher increases the potency. This is an interesting Exotic, and worth keeping in your Warlock’s arsenal. It also looks really cool.

Xur’s roll this week comes with 61 total stats.


Destiny 2 Xur location

Starting in Beyond Light, Xur has a new quest for an Exotic Cipher. The Exotic Cipher lets you buy old Exotics from the Monuments to Lost Light kiosk in the tower. You’ll need these items and some other currencies to pick up Exotics like Heir Apparent and Truth.

This week, Xur wants you to complete 21 Strikes or win Crucible or Gambit matches. By finishing the quest, you’ll earn an Exotic Cipher to use however you want.

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