Godfall - How To Defeat Macros

Godfall – How To Defeat Macros

Godfall is an action role-playing game developed by Counterplay Games and published by Gearbox Publishing. In this article we will discuss how to defeat Macros? Macros armies are shattered, his commanders are dead, and now it is only you and him. The score will finally be settled, and the would-be god will either ascend or find himself at the end of your blade. Godfall is rapidly coming to an end.

Not to undersell Macros and his difficulty, but this fight is almost (almost) a narrative encounter. Marcos is powerful, but he isn’t quite the difficult spike one would expect for a “last boss”. That being said, the fight is quite fun and Macros has just enough bite to make it feel believable.

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Macros’s Attacks


Macros is a dark reflection of yourself. Donned in the mighty Hinterclaw Valorplate, Macros is both aggressive, well armored, and as you will soon find out, well equipped. Not only that, but he is chock full of Aetherium, which gives him plenty of magic attacks to mix you up.

Phase One

Attack Description Counter
Teleport Strike Macros quickly teleports to Orin and strikes out with his sword. Macros will use this attack frequently, and will also start the fight using it to put you on the back foot. This attack is devilishly fast, but it is (briefly) telegraphed. Either block the attack on your shield or dodge through the attack. Macros will be left open for a counterattack after he uses this attack.
Teleport Corruption Orbs Macros will teleport away and then launch balls of corruption in your general direction. These orbs deal moderate damage and inflict Corruption, which deals damage over time. You can parry these orbs back to Macros, or you can dodge through them and close the gap.
Perilous Attack Macros will briefly glow blue before quickly teleporting to Orin and attacking for heavy damage. This attack can be parried. If you parry it, Macros will be staggered, and you will be able to do a Take Down on him for massive damage.
Power Attack Macros will briefly glow red before quickly teleporting to Orin and attacking for heavy damage. This attack is unblockable, so dodge through it and counterattack for some free damage.
Sword Attacks Macros will occasionally do multi-hitting combos with his sword if he is close to Orin. These attacks come out quickly and deal moderate damage. Simply dodge through them, or away from Macros. You could also try to parry them.

Phase Two

Phase Two has Macros use both a sword and spear, opening up his move pool and giving him more range than he had in the previous phase. He also gains some new ranged attacks to mix you up.

Attack Description Counter
Levitation Barrage Macros will float in the air and unleash a stream of projectiles at you. These deal low damage individually. This attack will end in Macros launching a large orb that explodes on contact for high damage. This attack can’t easily be dodged, so don’t bother. Instead, block the attack with your shield to negate 100% of the damage. When Macros fires the final orb, either dodge forward or parry it to reflect the attack at Macros.
Lightning Orbs Macros will teleport away and on reappearing, will unleash lightning orbs. These deal relatively low damage. But will stun if you are hit by them. Simply dodge these attacks. The stun is too dangerous to risk a failed parry on.
Lightning Strike Macros raises his hand and unleashes a bolt of lightning for moderate damage. This attack comes out quickly, but if you dodge the moment Macros raises his hand, he should miss, giving you time to counterattack.
Polearm Throw Macros gains new moves when he uses his Polearm, but the biggest threat is his ability to throw it at you. This attack deals moderate damage. Dodge through this attack and counter Macros. He is left somewhat vulnerable after using this attack.

Phase Three

Macros now wields a hammer, and he knows how to use it. This phase doesn’t introduce many new attacks, but it will always start with Macros doing his Levitation Barrage.

Attack Description Counter
Hammer Slam Macros slams his hammer on the ground dealing AOE damage and staggering anyone who is hit by it. This attack, and its AOE, can be dodged through, opening Macros to a counter.
Power Hammer Slam Macros briefly glows red and then slams his hammer down. This attack deals high damage and leaves a large AOE fire pool that will inflict Ignite. This attack is harder to avoid than his basic Hammer Slam. If you dodge directly towards Macros, you will likely get caught in the fire. Instead, dodge to the side, and then dodge towards Macros to avoid the flames and get some hits in.

Phase Four

Phase Four is where Macros goes all out. He will cycle between all of his weapons, he will attack more aggressively, and he has full access to his move pool. This phase will always start with Macros using his Levitation Barrage attack. Macros can also use this attack throughout Phase Four.

Preparing For Battle



As per usual, Finesse and Weak Point are essential in this fight. Finesse buffs your dodge, making it much easier to close distance, avoid damage, and generally be a slippery sod. Weak Points will massively increase your damage if you aim your attack effectively, and will noticeably shorten the fight.


Macros is incredibly fast, making slower weapons a bit less effective than their faster counterparts. The Longsword and Polearms are two weapon types that really shine in this fight. The Longsword is an all-rounder that can do just about anything. It’s especially handy for closing gaps with its Weapon Techniques. Polearms have extra range, are quick, and can be thrown to land extra damage onto Macros when he falls back.

Battle Strategy


Macros is quick and aggressive, but not unstoppable. Aim to dodge or parry his attacks, get behind him, and strike his weak points for bonus damage. Keep an eye out for Macros glowing blue, as this is a parry opportunity that will lead to a stagger. Macros is the only boss where you can perform a damaging takedown after a Perilous Parry, so take advantage of this.

Keep moving, have your finger on the dodge button, and attack whenever you can. Godfall has generally rewarded aggressive play, and Macros is no different. Dodge, block, parry, and counter.

One thing to note is that Macros has very short phases until Phase Four. You won’t get a lot of time to learn his pattern before he moves on to something new, or before he starts combining move sets. This is the biggest hurdle the fight has, so once you get past that, you should be golden.

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