Godfall: How To Defeat Gilden Commander

Godfall: How To Defeat Gilden Commander

Gilden Commander is the penultimate boss of Godfall. He is the right-hand man of Macros, the leader of his armies, and a formidable foe in his own right. His armor is adorned in gold, he has a throne, and he just murdered your ally, and friend, Soras.

Gilden Commander is not only a powerful enemy and challenging boss – but he’s also a summoner. This makes him more of a nuisance than most, and he has no qualms filling the entire arena with dudes to distract, debuff, and kill you. Knowing his tricks, however, is the first step to victory.

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Gilden Commander’s Attacks

Gilden Commander is a full-blown boss, not some side piece you can toss in the bin (looking at you, Black Tide Enforcer). What this means is that Gilden Commander has a bunch of attacks, multiple phases, and some unique gimmicks to keep you on your toes.

Phase One

Attack Description Counter
Bound Souls Gilden Commander is accompanied by two Bound Souls, and these souls are linked to Gilden Commander by a blue beam. Whilst the Bound Souls are alive, Gilden Commander is immune to all damage. The Bound Souls are not that much stronger than regular enemies and need to be killed before you can harm Gilden Commander. Eliminate them quickly whilst watching you for Gilden Commanders’ other attacks.
Sword And Shield Gilden Commander has a massive sword and an equally large shield. These are his main forms of attack, and he will unleash various multi-hitting combos your way if get close. He can also close the gap – if there is one – surprisingly fast. Dodging behind Gilden Commander, and staying there, will negate most of his attacks, and leave him exposed to counterattacks. Some of Gilden Commanders’ attacks will also go over your head and miss if you are close enough, giving you additional attack opportunities.
Perilous Attack Gilden Commander will briefly glow blue, and then attack for heavy damage. This attack can be parried, which will briefly stagger Gilden Commander.
Power Attack Gilden Commander will briefly glow red, and then attack for heavy damage. This attack is unblockable, so the only way to deal with it is to dodge through/away from it. If you dodge through it, you can land a few hits whilst he recovers.

Phase Two
Gilden Commander doesn’t change things up too much in Phase Two, and most of his attacks stay the same. He generally uses a mixture of Sword and Shield attacks to deal damage. He does gain a new trick, however.

Attack Description Counter
Summon Air Rippers Gilden Commander will summon Air Rippers to assist him in battle. These are priority targets, like all minions. They will wreak havoc on the battlefield, and if left alive, will make killing Gilden Commander much more difficult.
Time Distortion This attack comes directly from the Air Rippers, and not Gilden Commander. Small areas of the arena will be enveloped in time distortion bubbles. If Orin enters one, his speed will be reduced drastically. Getting caught in a time distortion is a death sentence. Your speed is reduced to the point of you being practically stationary. Gilden Commander can very easily kill you before you escape this field, so the best counter is to avoid them entirely and kill the Air Rippers before they catch you.

Phase Three
Phase Three is a combination of Phase One and Two. Gilden Commander will summon Bound Souls and Air Rippers at the same time, making him immune to damage, and coating the battlefield in time distortion bubbles. Killing his minions is a priority, as Gilden Commander is much harder to kill at best, and downright impossible to kill at worst.

Gilden Commander is also more aggressive in this Phase, bordering on relentless at times.

Preparing For Battle

Complete The Hunts

Before you go toe-to-toe with Gilden Commander, you should take out his cronies first. These boss fights are not particularly difficult, but they do apply serious debuffs if you don’t deal with them before tackling their leader. Gilden Commander is already a pain to deal with, so removing any additional annoyances is a must.

  • Black Tide Enforcer: +20% damage taken
  • Excelsious: -25% ability charge rate


As is always the case, the best abilities to take in this fight are Finesse and Weak Points. Finesse will increase the efficacy of your dodge, making it much easier to avoid Gilden Commander’s attacks. Weak Points will massively increase your damage when striking Gilden Commander, and can even stagger him if you deal enough damage to him in a short amount of time.

Using Timed Attacks will also massively increase your damage, which is further boosted when you hit a weak point.


The best weapon for this fight is the Longsword. This weapon has a bunch of utility baked in, deals great damage, has a fast attack speed, and is generally an all-around fantastic pick. Bringing a Longsword that has been augmented with bonuses to Weak Point damage is almost a must, as it will burn down Gilden Commander even quicker.

Battle Strategy

Gilden Commander can be quite overwhelming if you aren’t expecting a bunch of debilitating minions to appear and ruin your day. When he isn’t supported by his friends, however, he becomes much more manageable. Therefore, make sure you are keeping an eye on your surroundings and kill any minions as soon as they arrive – especially from Phase Two onwards.

The plan here is to be aggressive – almost at all times. When you aren’t in Gilden Commander’s face, you want to be behind him and stabbing him in the knees, or killing his mates. Gilden Commander can deal a lot of damage, but as long as you are dodging behind him and being relentless on the offense, you should be fine.

Gilden Commander doesn’t have a Breach Gauge like, say, a miniboss, but he can still be staggered if he takes too much damage – especially if you are striking his weak points over, and over again. Gilden Commander will fall to his knees and be vulnerable to attack for a prolonged period.

It’s entirely possible, with enough damage, to burn through Gilden Commander’s Phase One and Phase Two in a single extended combo. He will, however, stop you once you hit his Phase Three due to his immunity to damage in that Phase. Kill his Bound Souls and Air Rippers, then get back to smacking.

Gilden Commander should go down pretty easily once you get him alone – leaving only Macros on your hit-list.


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