How to craft Explosives in V Rising

V Rising – How to craft Explosives

V Rising puts players in the shoes of a powerful vampire, rising through the ranks and gaining tremendous power. But sometimes, you need some extra firepower (literally), which is where explosives come in handy.
Being able to craft and use explosives in V Rising poses a massive advantage, not only for collecting rare resources but also for defending yourself in the harsh world of Vardoran. This guide will show you how to craft explosives in V Rising and outline the useful and deadly things you can do with them.

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How to craft explosives in V Rising?

Players will need to collect a few items and defeat a boss to craft explosives. In particular, the boss you’ll need to kill is the Level 30 boss, Clive the Firestarter, so be sure you have the required stats and gear to face him.

Once you defeat him, you will receive the recipe for the Minor Explosive Box and a blueprint for the Alchemy Table, an essential item you will need to unlock the explosives crafting feature. For more on that, we have put together a comprehensive guide on how to craft the Alchemy Table.

Once you have both the explosives recipe and the Alchemy Table crafted, you are going to need the following items to prepare the Minor Explosive Box:

  • 8x Sulphur
  • 8x Planks
  • 4x Whetstone

1st we need to craft Whetstone. You can find planks by simply using lumber on any of your Sawmills. The Sulphur can be found in the Bandit Sulphur Quarry in the west part of the Farbane Woods, where you would have fought Clive the Firestarter. So after defeating him, scour the area to find as much Sulphur Ore as you can to be turned into pure Sulphur in your furnace.

How to craft Explosives in V Rising

Once you have these three materials, you can use the Alchemy Table to craft the explosives. They’re useful for mining ores and other resources in short amounts of time, but they can also be placed around your base for defensive traps and for defeating enemies when set on the ground.

It’s worth noting that explosives aren’t the only way to mine ores in the game. Once you defeat a Level 36 boss, the Ferocious Bear, located on the east side of Farbane Woods, you will gain the ability to use its bear form. This form will allow you to use a special attack to break ore deposits, which would otherwise have required explosives.

Of course, this doesn’t make the explosives obsolete. On the contrary, explosives are used to collect valuable resources and can be used to defend yourself against enemies.

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