PUBG Update 14.1

PUBG Update 1.81 released for 14.1 Patch This October 14

PUBG PS4 update 14.1 that was first released on PC last month is now available to download on the console version of the game. Xbox and PlayStation players can now download the latest PUBG update 14.1 on their console. The latest update also shares the same patch notes as the PC version including several changes to the game.

The latest PUBG: Battlegrounds update for consoles according to its 14.1 patch notes brings several big changes to the game. First up the new PUBG update 14.1 ads the ability to pick up and carry a downed survivor.

PUBG Update 14.1 Patch Notes for Xbox and PlayStation

Carry Feature

You can now use the new Carry feature in PUBG to pick and carry any of your downed teammates to safety or take a downed enemy on the adventure of a lifetime before they died.

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Below you can find all the key features of the new Carry feature in the new PUBG update 14.1.

  • Available on all maps.
  • You may pick up any downed player (friend or foe) that is not currently self-reviving or being revived.
  • While carrying a player, the following is true:
    • The following cannot be used.
      •  Panzerfaust
      • Melee weapons
      • Throwables (includes Gas/Jerry Can)
      • Emergency Pickup
      • Emergency Parachute
    • You and the carried player still take damage separately.
    • Your movement speed remains the same. However, you cannot crouch, go prone, sprint, jump, or hurdle.
    • You may still fire your weapon, but from the hip only.
    • You may not use healing items.
    • You may not use throwables.
  • While being carried a player, the following is true:
    • Your field of vision is limited to the direction your carrier is facing you.
  • Carried players cannot join you in a vehicle.
  • When the Carrier starts to swim Carry is canceled and the carried person drops/sinks to the bottom.
  • You cannot attach to an Emergency Pickup while carrying a player.
  • You may not use an Emergency Parachute while carrying a player.

Changes and Improvements Added to Taego Map

Next up, the latest PUBG update brings several new changes to the Taego map. Additional covers are added in some areas, and the terrain has also received improvements. Furthermore, Breakable Pots have items inside so break and loot! Error Space is special new zones marked on the map that can spawn items featured in other Battlegrounds, so make sure to check the map for locations.

Here are all the main improvements added to the Taego

  • Improvements
    • Added cover to the mountain area north of the Palace and the river area east of the Terminal.
      • Fixed field of view, bends, and cover for areas where terrain composition is difficult to overcome.
    • Improved the cliff topography in the north of Buk San Sa area.
      • Corrected the height of the cliffside terrain, which was considered to be OP.
    • Reorganization of the topography around the School area.
      • After removing the surrounding trees, added fields.
    • Covers and hills have been reorganized.
      • Terrain improvements in some coastal areas.
        • Redline: Corrected the cliff topography of the entire coast.
        • Blueline: Removed rocks located around the lighthouse.
    • Some mountain/river areas:
      • Green area: Added trees to the hillside.
      • Magenta Zone: Added flat terrain curves.
      • Sky Blue Zones: Added cover for areas that lack cover.

Error Space

Introducing the Error Space, this map exclusive feature to Taego allows players to gather other map-exclusive weapons and supplies to be spawned randomly within these zones.

Error Space zones are displayed randomly on the minimap and will be active until the end of the match, so make sure you head to the Error Space early so you don’t miss out!

Game Modes:
Custom Match
– Players can set the number of Error Spaces.
– Players can set the spawning probability of Error Spaces.

Erangel Updates

  • Pochinki Church Renewal
    • In order to balance with the surrounding two or three-story buildings, we have blocked the church rooftop play.
    • Added a secret room in the basement of the church where items are spawned. This room can be accessed without a key.
  • Updated Terrain Around Pochinki
    • Added waterway.
    • Added cover.
    • Added fences.
    • Fixed terrain height.
  • Improved Pochinki Terrain Quality

Halloween Updates

  • School, Hospital, and the Starting island area have been decorated with the Halloween concept.
  • Halloween-themed weather, with unique moon color and fog in certain areas, is added.
    • Game Modes
      • Normal match
      • Custom match
    • Weather Probability
      • Halloween: 30
      • Clear: 50
      • Cloudy: 20
  • Care Package Smoke Color
    • Changed to Halloween colors.
      • Flaregun supply crates are not included.
  • Placed Mummy Coffins at School, Hospital, and the Starting Island.

PUBG New Items and Skins

Fresh Hood

The latest update also adds new items and skins to purchase in the game. The scheduled sale start dates are as follows.

  • Sale Begins:
    • PDT: October 20 2021, 7 PM.
    • CEST: October 27 2021, 4 AM.
    • KST: October 27 2021, 11 AM.
  • Sale Begins:
    • PDT: October 19 2021, 7 PM.
    • CEST: October 20 2021, 4 AM.
    • KST: October 20 2021, 11 AM.



Last but not the least, the new PUBG update 14.1 also brings several bug fixes to the game.

  • Fixed the issue of the BZ Grenade pin flying to the back of the character when cooking grenade.
  • Fixed the sound being inaudible when player is hit by melee weapons.
  • Fixed the issue of the small multi-drop care package’s collision range seeming bigger than it looks.
  • Fixed the game crash issue when player collides with care packages in Sandbox Mode.
  • Fixed the issue of the killfeed message making it hard for players to drag items that are on the bottom of inventory.
  • Fixed the sound being inaudible when player is descending with a parachute after jumping off of plane.
  • Fixed the issue of the incorrect visual effects (VFX) being rendered when vehicle collides with wall in a sunny weather setting.
  • Fixed the issue of Porter getting destroyed right away when shot by Panzerfaust.
  • Fixed the issue of Pony Coupe’s and Porter’s speed not lining up with the speed dashboard.
  • Fixed the issue of being unable to kill a different player intermittently appearing and disappearing.
  • Fixed the issue of grenade moving to and exploding in a spot different from the thrown position.
  • Fixed the incorrect camera position issue when player shoots from vehicle in Replay/Death Cam.
  • Fixed the issue of the observer getting reported when observer reports a different player through Replay/Observer Mode’s player list.


  • Fixed general bugs in Erangel and Taego.


  • Fixed the issue of Korean being shown in the Refund Policy message when purchasing G-Coins in a language setting that is not Korean.
  • Fixed the issue of the Random Crate UI overlapping with the Back button.


  • Fixed the clipping issue with character’s skin when equipping Taego Survivor Tee.
  • Fixed the goggle texture issue of Crimson Cadet – Helmet (Level 1) when dropped on floor.
  • Fixed the transparent ankle issue when female character equips both Cheerleader Sneakers and PGI.S Tactical Pants.
  • Fixed the clipping issue with armpits when male character equips Sleeveless Turtleneck and does the Victory Dance 61 emote.
  • Fixed the clipping issue with forehead when most female characters equip only the Blood Hound Muzzle.
  • Fixed the issue of incorrect transparency of the glass part when equipping Moon Seeker Helmet.
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