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The Best Elden Ring Class For Soulsborne Beginners

Elden Ring has finally been released. FromSoftware latest punishing action-RPG is now out and the game is receiving incredibly high praise from critics, marking it as one of the greatest games of all time. With all this hype and universal praise, it means that plenty of people who have not played a “soulsborne” game before might be interested in hopping into this one, although they might want to avoid the PC version for the time being. While “Elden Ring” has plenty of features that make it more approachable than previous entries, its combat is still incredibly difficult, so new players will probably need a few tips, including which class they should pick.

“Elden Ring” has ten classes to pick from, each one with a different starting level, stats, weapons, and abilities, dictating how players will play the game. While a few classes are very obviously for veteran players, like the Wretch, a few other classes look almost identical. Here are the best “Elden Ring” classes for beginners.

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Elden Ring: Vagabond is best, but anything with a shield will work

The Vagabond is a tank-style melee class, perfect for new players. The disgraced knight comes with a long-sword and halberd, plus a shield. The shield has the parry ability, which is great for more aggressive players. The other benefit to having a shield, besides blocking damage, is that it allows players to use the block and immediately counterattack afterward with a heavy attack, dealing big damage and diminishing enemies’ poise. This ability is always available, as long as you have a shield equipped, so it’s a great tool for new players. The Vagabond also has a good mix of strength, dexterity, and vigor to start, so players are pretty durable from the first moments of the game.

Other melee classes with a shield that are great for new players are the Samurai, Bandit, Warrior, and Hero classes. Each class has slightly different stats and play-style, so it’s important to choose what’s best for you. If a class isn’t to your liking, just start the game over. While new players should definitely do the tutorial the first time through, it can be skipped on subsequent playthroughs.

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