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V Rising – How to upgrade the Sawmill

V Rising is a multiplayer survival game where you’re a wannabe Count Dracula, chopping down trees and building a castle when you’re not dodging daylight and hunting peasants. V Rising has been gaining immense popularity since its early access release and players have been delving into the vampire survival fuelled experience. Sink your teeth into everything that the experience has to offer and allow yourself to become intertwined with the roots of the deliciously designed world that is offered to you. Whether you’re planning to play with others in the game or simply want to survive like a lone bat, then you will need to know how to craft essential resources with the V Rising sawmill in which you will be able to create items such as planks. This guide article will take you over everything you need to know about the sawmill.

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Look at the very top of the Sawmill interaction window and you’ll see three panels:

  • Castle Heart Powered
  • In Confined Castle Room
  • Has Matching Floor

How to upgrade the Sawmill

V Rising Sawmill

Resource-gathering and resource-refining buildings such as the Sawmill can be upgraded in V Rising by fulfilling certain criteria. The first panel simply indicates whether or not the Sawmill is powered by a Castle Heart. The second indicates that you can speed up the Sawmill’s refinement rate by 25% by enclosing it in a confined room made from stone castle walls and floors. And the third tells you that by laying down flooring of the correct type for that type of building (in this case, Workshop flooring for the Sawmill), the cost of all the building’s recipes will decrease by 25%, making the building much more efficient.

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