V Rising leather Guide

V Rising leather Guide: How to get leather in V Rising & What does Leather do in V Rising

Like most other survival games, V Rising has a progression system relying on buildings to craft new items and unlock new recipes. One of the most important parts of advancing in V Rising is leather, yet it is one of the harder things to unlock. This guide will tell you how to get leather in V Rising and what to do with it.

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How to get Leather in V Rising?

To get leather in V Rising, you first need the following prerequisites:

  • Tannery
  • Animal Hide x 20

The Tannery is a building piece that you only unlock from killing one of the V Bosses, Keely the Frost Archer. You will need to find the boss and kill her. Keely is located in the large trapping camp on the east side of the Woods starting zone. You will have to head in and fight plenty of bandits so make sure you are prepared with some Vermin soup (as we call it). Also, feel free to defeat other bosses and get some spells, such as the Chaos Bolt you can get from Lidia the Chaos Archer. You should also reinforce all your gear from the workbench and hopefully get yourself a spear from a drop from one of the human enemies for the best chances of clearing the camp.

Once you defeat her, you will unlock the tannery in your base building tab. You need 180 animal hides and eight planks. You get animal hides from killing animals, and you get planks from the sawmill. When you have the required materials, you can place the tannery in your base.

Once you create the Tannery, you can make leather in V Rising. All you need to do is stick animal hide in the tannery, and it will automatically convert animal hide into leather. You need 16 animal hides to make one leather in V Rising.

What does Leather do in V Rising?

V Rising leather Guide

Leather is an important tool for progressing in V Rising. It is partially used in the construction of stone buildings as part of the castle design. It is also useful for upgrading your early gear score, allowing you to create new items, such as the third tier of armor you can make from the crafting bench. Getting animal hide is fairly easy to get, especially when you visit wolf dens or bear dens in the woods area.

This concludes how to make leather in V Rising. If you enjoyed this article, why not check out our V Rising hub for more content, where you can expect guides on Whetstone, Stone Bricks, Coarse Thread, Grave Dust, and other useful early game items? Or perhaps you want to know what killing other V enemies does and what they reward, such as the Alpha Wolf and more?

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