Watch Dogs Mission list

Watch Dogs Mission list

Watch Dogs Mission List

Watch Dogs is an action-adventure video game of 2014. This game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. This game is scheduled to be released worldwide on 27 May 2014 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows Platforms.

Initial release date: 27 May 2014

Link: Watch Dogs 2 Mission list

Watch Dogs Act 1

  • Watch Dogs: Bottom of the Eighth – blackout the stadium, escape the cops
  • Watch Dogs: They Can’t Hide – track criminals, hack bank accounts
  • Watch Dogs: Big Brother – help Nicky, chase the suspect
  • Watch Dogs: Backstage pass – 416 Assault Rifle, access codes, security hack
  • Watch Dogs: Hacking Contract – 2XTheTap, online contracts
  • Watch Dogs: Backseat Driver – find the fugitive, escape undetected
  • Watch Dogs: Open Your World – Badboy 17, ctOS offices, upload virus
  • Watch Dogs: Thanks for the Tip – signal location, find Damian
  • Watch Dogs: Not The Pizza Guy – meet Jordi, interrogate Fixer boss
  • Watch Dogs: A Wrench in the Works – Angelo Tucci, track the prison vehicle
  • Watch Dogs: Dressed in Peels – Raul Lionzo, exit prison, escape police

Watch Dogs Act 2

  • Watch Dogs: Hold On, Kiddo – meet Jackson, hack train
  • Watch Dogs: Brandon Docks ctOS Control Center – sniper rifle, hack server
  • Watch Dogs: Breakable Things – Racine’s office code
  • Watch Dogs: Collateral – protect and escort Clara
  • Watch Dogs: One Foot in the Grave – find Tobias
  • Watch Dogs: A Blank Spot There-ish – bunker island, generator locations
  • Watch Dogs: The Wards ctOS Control Center – download codes, kill ctOS guards
  • Watch Dogs: Jury-Rigged – disable security terminal, avoid snipers
  • Watch Dogs: Grandma’s Bulldog – Rossi-Fremont, track Damien’s IP address
  • Watch Dogs: Not a Job for Tyrone – track Bedbug, help Rabbit escape
  • Watch Dogs: Uninvited – ambush hitmen, destroy trucks, meet Bedbug
  • Watch Dogs: Breadcrumbs – find briefcase in marina
  • Watch Dogs: Mad Mile ctOS Control Center – hack Mad Mile
  • Watch Dogs: Stare into the Abyss – find Crispin, kill Crispin, Infinite 92
  • Watch Dogs: A Risky Bid – Locate Iraq, ID tags, find weapons
  • Watch Dogs: Role Model – kill all enemies, find Jackson
  • Watch Dogs: Planting a Bug – guide Bedbug, server room, escape Viceroys
  • Watch Dogs: Way Off the Grid – Find Kenny, kill fixers, fire truck

Watch Dogs Act 3

  • Watch Dogs: Pawnee ctOS Control Center
  • Watch Dogs: Hope is a Sad Thing – antenna puzzle, Jed’s bar, Ray Kenney
  • Watch Dogs: Let’s Play Make a Deal – steal T-Bone’s truck
  • Watch Dogs: A Pit of Paranoia – find Blume security chiefs
  • Watch Dogs: Unstoppable Force – destroy the convoy
  • Watch Dogs: The Future is in Blume – boxes, spyware, escape
  • Watch Dogs: For the Portfolio – T-Bone’s junkyard, boat escape
  • Watch Dogs: By Any Means Necessary – take down Iraq

Watch Dogs Act 4

  • Watch Dogs: Someone’s Knocking – hotspot puzzle, trace hacker
  • Watch Dogs: In Plain Sight – escape police
  • Watch Dogs: The Rat’s Lair – rescue T-Bone
  • Watch Dogs: The Defalt Condition – Ambrose theatre, download Defalt’s data
  • Watch Dogs: Little Sister – get Nicky to the car
  • Watch Dogs: Ghosts of the Past – avoid the cops, helicopter
  • Watch Dogs: No Turning Back – Merlaut Hotel, kill Quinn, save Clara

Watch Dogs Act 5

  • Watch Dogs: Sometimes You Still Lose – survive Damien’s attacks, complete the game
  • Hidden and Secret content
  • Watch Dogs: all 16 QR code locations, hidden messages, gangster assault rifle, read-only Trophy
  • Watch Dogs: find all 13 ctOS Tower locations
  • Watch Dogs: all 8 Burner Phone locations, Sanity Check trophy
  • Watch Dogs: Missing Persons Investigations – Finger Paint Killer
  • Watch Dogs: clear all 15 gang hideouts, AK47, Rapid Reload, Basest Base
  • Watch Dogs: Human Traffic Investigations, Joseph Demarco, Revoking Client
  • Watch Dogs: Weapons Trade Investigations, Saturday Night Special, They Call Him The Vigilante
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