YouTube HashTag Update | How to use Hashtags on YouTube videos for SEO

YouTube HashTag Update | How to use #Hashtags on YouTube videos for SEO

YouTube HashTag Update

YouTube has brought a new YouTube HashTag Update for all video makers and content creators. This update is similar to the tag, which we used to Tag in the video. But YouTube’s #HashTag update is a bit different than normal Tagging and using it, your video will be rank-up very fast.

But first we have to know that, what is the #Hashtag? The tag is a keyword. We use this to make video rank-up or SEO. If we use the hash (#) before the tag then it will be called the hashtag (#Tag) and it’s a hyperlink. If someone clicks on this link, then the linked keyword related video will be shown on YouTube. We use long-tail keywords in Tag (ex: make money online).

You must use the tags and #Hashtag two during the video publishing session. But there is a specific rule to use Hashtag. #Hashtag helps your video to a quick search in the Google search engine and this information is published on YouTube’s official page on 24 July 2018. That’s why you use video keywords as #Hashtag.

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How to search any Topics by using #HashTag on YouTube 

1st If you find a topic using the #Hashtag on youtube, that topic related all YouTubers videos will be shown on Youtube.

2nd You can click on any #Hashtag link of the YouTube video description, topic related all videos will be shown on YouTube.

How to add Hashtags to YouTube video

  • While publishing the video You can use #hashtags on Title.
  • If you do not use the #hashtag in the video title then you can use 3 #hashtag links in the video Decryption.

If you use #hashtag in the video title, no #hashtags will be shown in the video description. It is my suggestion that you use the #hashtag in the video description and use long-tail keywords in the video title. In this way, your video SEO ranking will be very fast.

#HashTag use policies

  • You can use one or three #hashtags in a video. Using more than three #hashtags will not show in the video. If you use more than 15 hashtags in your Youtube video, your video rank may be reduced, or the video may be deleted.
  • When using a #hashtag, first use the (#) hash and then use the topic keyword without using space. When you use a Hashtag, a link will be created on the bottom of the video.
  • When using two #hashtags in the video, give a (,) comma between the two #hashtags (#HashTag1, #HashTag2).
  • Do not use confusing or unrelated content in the #hashtag, which is completely different from video content.
  • If you use something wrong keyword with #hashtag, your video can get Youtube community guideline strikes and the video may be deleted.
  • Do not use Long Tail sentence in the #hashtag.
  • Do not use Sexual words, vulgar words, Harassment, hate speech words in the #hashtag.
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