YouTube Monetization Update

YouTube Monetization Update | which channels are eligible for monetization?

YouTube Monetization Update

YouTube Monetization Update: If you are a YouTube content creator and by creating the video you want to earn money from Google AdSense, please keep reading my article. This year, YouTube has published a new “YouTube Monetization Update” for you. YouTube has included many new rules in this Monetization update, which must be followed by all new and old YouTubers.

Until recently, many new YouTube channels became monetized normally without any hassle but, recently, YouTube released a video on its own channel about this new monetization update. In this video, YouTube has given information to all the video creators which video enable for monetize or not. By these updates, they are helping that YouTube creators who are original and they are shutting down the fake YouTube channels. If you are an original YouTube creator, there is no need to worry about you and your channel.

If you have annually 4000 hours YouTube watch time and 1000 subscribers in your channel, and then wait for the next review. If YouTube has canceled your channel in Fast Review and sent it to a second review, don’t worry there is no reason to fear. In the second review, YouTube Official employees will test your channel manually. The second review will take one month.

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Top Guidelines for YouTube channels

By this update, you can clearly understand, which channels will be monetized and which channels will be never monetized. If you have annually 4000 hours YouTube watch time and 1000 subscribers in your channel, this “YouTube Monetization Update” will be effective on your channel. If you work on these topics, then close them immediately.

  • If you make a photo slideshow video, your channel will never be monetized. Because these videos are made by many free and copyrighted images, which are not YouTube’s creative ideas. Earlier these videos were easily monetized, but recently these videos will be rejected by YouTube.
  • If you use auto-generated voice (Machine voice) on your video, it will be rejected. From now try to use your voice in the video.
  • WHATSAPP Status-reaction channel, MUSICALLY Videos, TIK TOK videos, all these types of videos & channels will not be monetized from now. Because in this case, we upload other platform’s videos on the YouTube channel, which are not creative ideas. At first, YouTube made all the videos monetized by keeping it in the funny video category because; these videos get a lot of views. By YouTube recent policy, these types of video and channels are in the reject list.
  • Kids Channels will not be monetized. These types of channels made prank shows, funny shows, and use children. In some cases, these videos badly affect the child mind.
  • If you use duplicate content and copyright content in your video it goes to against YouTube and Google AdSense terms and conditions policy. If you upload someone else’s video to your channel, then the channel will be suspended with your video.

Which channels are eligible for YouTube monetization?

YouTube strictly announce that which channel is capable of monetization and which channel is for the second review. If your videos have good content then your channel is under review, there is no reason to be scared. By reviewing contents, YouTube will on all these channels monetization.

  • Monetization will be enabled on the Movie reaction channels.
  • Monetization will be enabled on the Roasting Channels & Comedy Channels. Because these videos need to be played and the good set also needed. This is all Creative Idea for YouTube.
  • First, you have to create a YouTube training channel and then share your knowledge. You try to use facecam and own voice on this tutorial videos. Because firstly YouTube is the world’s largest knowledge-sharing platform. You can also create Gadgets Review, Food, Sports, Educational, Fashion channel.
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