How to Addon Domain in CPanel

How to Addon Domain in CPanel | Addon Godaddy domain to Bluehost CPanel | Build your own website in wordpress

Addon Domain in CPanel

Addon Domain in CPanel: You want to create a new website and you have a multi-domain-hosting plan. So whenever you want, you can create a new website by adding a new domain with CPanel. But it depends on your Hosting plan’s “Addon Domain” Limitation.

Build your own website: To create a website in WordPress, you must buy a domain from any domain provider “GoDaddy”. Then, you must change your new domain Nameserver address and point to Hosting Server address. After that, addon this new domain in your CPanel. You have to wait 24 hours to 72 hours for the domain’s “DNS Propagation”.

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What is Addon Domain?

Addon domain is a fully functional domain. It is also known as a secondary domain. If you have a “Multi Hosting Package” then you can use the “Addon Domain” facility. You can use your main CPanel (Control Panel) for this Addon domain & you can create email addresses separately for this.

What is Primary & Secondary Domain?

Addon domain is actually a secondary domain. The main domain that you have on your hosting plan is called the “primary domain”. Secondary Domain is that domain, which you can add any time or remove any time. The primary domain you cannot remove whenever you want but it can be changed. You need to allow hosting providers to do this. You can remove Addon domain/Secondary domains when you want. Because Primary Domain is your main ID/Identity of a Hosting Service. To change that you need to get permission from the hosting provider.

How to Addon Domain in CPanel

1. Login in Your Hosting account CPanelHow to Addon Domain in CPanel

2. In CPanel window> Go to Domain >  Click on Addon DomainsHow to Addon Domain in CPanel

3. In Addon Domains window > Create an Addon Domain > Give New Domain Name.How to Addon Domain in CPanel

4. Add your Godaddy Domain name “”   in New Domain Name. When you enter the domain name, the sub-domain and document routes will come automatically. Do not change this & Keep it default.How to Addon Domain in CPanel

[*Before this please change your domain NameServer records.]

5. After all the steps, click on Addon Domain button.How to Addon Domain in CPanel

[*If you want to delete Addon domain from CPanel panel, in this window go to > Addon domain list > Action > Remove (×) domain name.]

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