What are Backlinks in SEO optimization

What are Backlinks in SEO optimization | How to Rank top in Search Engines by Backlinks

What are Backlinks?

The backlink is a link, which redirects from one website to another website. Search engines calculate your site’s ranking based on many factors. The backlinks are the most important factor in Off Page SEO. In On Page SEO optimization, you can optimize your articles for Search Engines. For Off Page SEO optimization, you need to share your Posts links for marketing.


“Website A” is a hotel website and it has got a backlink from “Website B” which is a travel blog. This link is important and natural SEO backlink for “website A”, which got from “website b”.

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Backlinks for Web Search Engines

The Backlink is used to rank your website in Google, Bing, Yandex to search engines. This process increases your website’s PR (Page Rank). Every backlink is valid for one year.

We need to rank Our Post/Article’s keywords in search engines. Then your website will rank. Always use the Post URL for backlinking, not the website’s URL (www.example.com).


  • Do follow links
  • No follow links

Backlinks are of two types; Do follow Backlink and No Follow Backlink. If you use Do Follow Backlinks in your post, then SEO rank will be increased. But you need to have a low number “No Follow Backlinks” in your post. But Backlink quality is very important then Backlink Quantity. Do Follow Backlink is called quality backlink, for Page ranking.

How to use Backlink for SEO Ranking

If there is 90% Do follow backlink in the article, use 10% No Follow backlink.

You have published an article on a specific topic. Please check competitor’s website backlinks counting on that topic. Use more Do follow backlinks than the competitor’s website. Basically, whose article has many backlinks; his article mostly has High page rank in search engines.

You can competitor’s website backlink by this website www.semrush.com.

Check the Page Rank (PR), Alexa Traffic Rank of the website, where you want to make backlink. There are two types of websites High PR website & Low PR website. Always make backlink on High PR website.

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