Blogger vs Wordpress which is better for Blogging

Blogger vs WordPress which is better for Blogging | Top 11 Tips to choose best blogging platform to create your website | Google Services vs WordPress Services

Blogger vs WordPress which is better for Blogging

When we came to blogging for the first time, that time our first question is “Blogger vs WordPress which is better for Blogging?”. There are two genuine platforms for creating websites, one is Google Blogger & another is WordPress. Through both of these, you can create a website.

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When creating the website, we need to concentrate on some points

  • Which platform is the best for fast Google AdSense approval?
  • The website looks professional on which platform?
  • Which platform gives good protection for the website?
  • Which platform gives good loading speeds for a website?
  • Which platform provides us many traffic/ More Earnings?
  • Which platform gives the best support for website Ranking?
  • Which platform has a better future?

Blogger vs WordPress: You can create a web site by using “custom domain” on both Google Blogger and WordPress platforms.


There are two benefits to creating a Web site in Google blogger. First of all, free hosting is available for your website & secondly your website security is provided by Google (Google services) itself; Because Blogger is Google’s own platform.

If you are a beginner in blogging so, Google blogger platform is convenient for you. For the future, you can get many experiences from Blogger. When you have collected more experience in article writing and template customization on Blogger. Then, you can move your website to the WordPress platform.

The blogger is not so popular like WordPress. Because there are not many features available on this blogger. Blogger is not good for dynamic websites. You will not get more themes in this platform.


WordPress is a paid platform. If you have “Self-Hosting Server” then you can use a custom domain to create a website in WordPress. To customize the web site you will find “Unlimited free templates” and “Unlimited Free Plugins” in WordPress.

In this world, 90% website runs on WordPress. To make the website look professional, create the website in WordPress.

Top 11 Tips to choose Best Blogging Platform | Blogger vs WordPress

Which is the best blogging platform for your website, Blogger or WordPress? If you want to create professional websites then you have to focus on some points.


  • Blogger is Google’s own hosted platform, So Google has 100% ownership of this blogger website, not yours. Google can remove your blog whenever it wants.
  • The website created by WordPress runs on your self-hosted platform. You have ownership of the website for this reason.


  • “Google Web Hosting” is free for everyone. You will get the free hosting plan for a lifetime. You will get “Unlimited Data-Space” to save your website’s data.
  • If you want to create a website in WordPress then you will have to buy a hosting plan from the good hosting company. Your website’s Data space and Bandwidth will depend on your preferred hosting plan. If you buy a cheap hosting plan, the website performance will not be good. If you choose a good hosting plan, you will get good performance; because it depends on your own investments.

3.Website loading speed

  • Blogger is powered by Google’s own server so its loading speeds are very strong.
  • The WordPress website’s loading speed depends on your hosting plan.


  • Blogger vs WordPress Protection: Blogger’s security managed by Google, you don’t have to take any extra tension for this.
  • In Blogger, yours all website backup will be stored in Google server. You know that Google’s server & Google services are the most protected servers in the world.
  • WordPress website security depends on your responsibility and maintenance; because it is self-hosted. You need to install some security plugins for this.

5.Website Looks/Appearance

  • You need to use the basic website layout in Blogger, you cannot modify it too much.
  • WordPress has many plugins to modify your website and to give it a professional look.
  • WordPress has many fashionable premiums or free templates, which you can customize and modify.


  • Website ranking increases goodly on WordPress Platform. Because WordPress has many free SEO Plugins. This plugins automatically helps to increase your website ranking and web traffic earning.
  • SEO plugins are not available in Blogger. That’s why Blogger’s traffic is less than WordPress.


  • In both WordPress and Blogger, your page ranking depends on your article.
  • Your article quality and niche is the main factor for page ranking.
  • Website ranking depends on the keywords and backlinks.
  • WordPress has the advantage that the design and appearance of your post will look attractive at this platform & “Social sharing plugins” available in it.


  • WordPress is the best platform for creating a business website or long time use.
  • You can create many types of websites in WordPress.

9.AdSense Approval

  • Blogger vs WordPress: Google AdSense Approval is very easy on Blogger because both are Google’s product and platform.
  • If you use custom domain on blogger, then you will get a fully approved “Non-hosted AdSense account”. You need to use the top-level domain (.com) for this process.
  • AdSense approval is also available on the WordPress website. The WordPress website runs your self-hosted platform, so you will receive a fully-approved AdSense account directly. But the quick AdSense approval is available on blogger.
  • Blogger AdSense accounts managed by Google services. So the chance of disabling an AdSense account is very low on this blogger platform.
  • WordPress website’s AdSense account’s security depends on you, but WordPress have many plugins for this protection.


  • WordPress support: WordPress gives us good support than Google Blogger. WordPress online community and online forms are available on the internet. There you can get help if you are in trouble.
  • Blogger’s support is not good. But on YouTube, you will find all types of videos for blogger site development.


  • Blogger vs WordPress Future: Bloggers have not been updated for a long time. Recently Google has closed its many types of products. So it can be said that blogger future is not very good.
  • WordPress is open source software; it does not depend on any company. If you think of doing business for a long time, WordPress is the best one.
  • Recently WordPress has the maximum number of users in the world. Many great websites are run on the WordPress platform. For this reason, WordPress future is very bright.
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