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Fortnite DreamHack: Everything You Should Know About The Tournament | Time & How To Register

2021 is now ready for the Fortnite DreamHack competition, opening the doors for everyone ready to compete for the crown. In addition to all content from Fortnitemares throughout October, Epic Games also resurrected one of its most successful tournament forms in the fight of the royal game. DreamHack is an opportunity for all of you to participate in a Fortnite competition, extending the participants’ pool significantly in each area.

We have your guidebook to the entire tourney here, such as when DreamHack begins, what the regulations for the event are, and what awards can be collected.

Fortnite DreamHack is an open-entry competition basically. Every player can participate on competitive days to test whether they can reach the finish line. You don’t need to submit some Hype score (mostly your competitive standing).

It is an excellent opportunity to gather together the users for a lot more random competition. You can get paired to pro players as well, so the competition is really on.

Fortnite DreamHack starts on the 7th and finishes on the 10th of October. It’s a pair competition, therefore, you will have to enter with a teammate.

The first phase is open skills, which may be entered by anybody without respect to Hype. After that, the top two teams go onto the half-finals. The number of teams varies from area to region. During the 3-hour time window, each couple can play up to 10 games.

After the Grand Final, there are the top 50 duos in the semi-finals. Six consecutive games will be played at predetermined times, with a new game beginning every 35 minutes.

Open Fortnite and choose the “compete” button on the menu bar, to sign up for Fortnite DreamHack 2021. Scroll down to view the DreamHack official tournament. Choose it to start the competition. Make sure you have enabled two-factor authentication on Fortnite to be able to register.

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What Is The Fortnite DreamHack Open Tournament?

DreamHack returns to Fortnite this October, and for those that don’t know what the DreamHack Tournament is, here’s what you need to know. The tournament is open to the public and completely free for anyone who thinks they can take on some of the best Fortnite players in their region.

The Fortnite DreamHack Open Tournament will be for Duo teams only and take place from October 7th to October 10th.

  • Open qualifiers with 500 duos advancing from each to the semifinals
  • Each duo can play a maximum of 10 games during the 3-hour time slot
  • Semis with 500-1,500 duos and 50 duos advancing to the Grand final. Each duo can play a maximum of 10 games during the 3 hour time slot
  • Grand Final with 6 consecutive games at the scheduled times. A new game starts every 35 minutes

It’s important to note that 2FA must be enabled on your Epic Games account if you want to compete. For the full list of start times and how to play, see the section below.

Fortnite DreamHack October Start Time

The October Fortnite DreamHack Tournament will be split between two regions, EU and NA East. Check out the start times and dates for each region below:

Europe (CEST)

  • Heats 1 & 2 = October 7th at 5PM – 12AM CEST (1hr break at 8PM CEST)
  • Heat 3 = October 8th at 6PM – 9PM CEST
  • Semis = October 9th at 7PM – 10PM CEST
  • Finals = October 10th at 4PM – 9PM CEST


NA East (EST)

  • Heats 1 & 2 = October 7th at 5PM – 12AM EST (1hr break at 8PM EST)
  • Semis = October 8th at 7PM – 10PM EST
  • Finals = October 9th at 4PM – 9PM EST

For more details on the Fortnite DreamHack Open Tournament, head to Fortnite official website.

How To Register and Play In The Fortnite DreamHack Open Tournament

Follow the steps below if you want to participate in the October Fortnite DreamHack Tournament.

Open Fortnite on your platform of choice
Navigate to the Compete tab
Scroll through the options until you find the tournament hosted by DreamHack
Select the Tournament and begin playing

Remember to enable 2FA or you will be unable to play in the tournament. For more details, read the DreamHack FAQ.


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